Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Panacea Fireplace Log Tote WE-634555

Product Description

Fireplace Log Tote, Heavy Canvas Construction, Enclosed Ends Help Keep Dirt & Wood Chips Off The Floor

Product Features

  • 37"W x 25"H
  • Cloth handles
  • Black
  • Boxed
What People Are Saying About This Fireplace Log Tote

Excellent tote
This of great quality and is very usable for carring firewood in to the home. This keeps your clothes clean allows for multiple logs to be carried. 

I ordered two of these for our wood burning needs. They are well made of sturdy nylon and vinyl. The construction design works great to keep wood chips, barks, etc from making a mess while packing in the house. The tote will hold more wood than most people would want to carry. I have used the totes for a month now and have packed quite a bit of wood with them. I believe they will hold up quite well and at this point I am very satisfied with them.

Does its thing well. Makes trips to the wood pile easy. I usually can fit 5 logs per trip. Beats the trail of dirt and mess carrying the wood in one by one. Can't beat the price.
Purchased this as a gift and the recipient was quite pleased with it's sturdy construction and the fact that it kept the wood particles off the floor. she uses it daily as a woodstove is her primary heat source. 

This makes trips out to the wood stack much easier. It seems very well made, sturdy, and easy to handle. I can fit several logs at a time and the ends make it so debris does not fall out. I'm very glad to have it this year; definitely recommended.

Bought for some friends as a thank you... since the wood has to come in through the backdoor and through the kitchen into the dining room, this helps keep the wood mess to a minimum. 

After years of carrying in logs one or two at a time, I finally decided to try A LOG tote. It's simply wonderful. Two trips to the log pile and I'm done and no pieces of bark strewn in my path. Extremely sturdy and easily contains the logs. I would highly recommend this item.

Makes carrying firewood a whole lot easier. No more getting your shirts all dirty carrying firewood. Holds enough firewood for a nice evening in front of the fireplace. Totally love it! 

I just wanted something to carry the firewood in the house and this does the job, at an unmatchable price.

Got this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. It's great because now he can tote several logs of wood in and not leave a mess through the whole house. Plus it's easy to clean and heavy duty. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fireplace Hearth Designs Extend the Beauty of a Fireplace

Upon walking in to any room, people will immediately notice the fireplace.  This is just the natural focal point when installed in a room and most people will design the remainder of the room around this feature.  One of the more common features of fireplaces are the fireplace hearth designs that are usually just an extension of the same materials used to build the fireplace.  Even though this is what is normally done, it does not have to be this way.

The hearth is the surface of the fireplace on which the fire is built.  It begins at the back of the firebox and extends out into the room a distance that is commonly determined by local building code requirements.  The materials used to construct the hearth inside the firebox are what is known as fire brick.  The hearth material used outside the firebox can be any material as long as it is fireproof.  This allows the fireplace hearth designs to be of an unlimited amount of materials that are just confined to your imagination.

While using the same material on the hearth as the surround may be the usual way to go to maintain symmetry with a raised hearth, a hearth on the same level as the floor makes it easier to choose a contrasting material to the surround.  Since the floor will already provide for a difference in the two materials, people tend to be more adventurous with their hearth choices on these fireplaces.  By being flexible in selecting this material, the opportunity to create a truly unique fireplace hearth design presents itself.

You should not let your selection be influenced by the material on the fireplace surround.  There are many materials that can be mixed and matched such as tile, slate, marble, granite, and of course, brick if that is your preference.  Just be sure that the material extends far enough out into the room to meet the minimum code requirements meant to keep any combustible flooring safe from sparks or run away logs.

Once the fireplace hearth designs material has been selected, you can now plan the overall appearance of your fireplace including tool sets, fireplace doors or a screen.  After all these items have been assembled, you will start to see how the fireplace develops into that uniquely beautiful focal point that every great room deserves.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stone Fireplace Designs - A Great Addition to Any Home

Many of us have spent a quiet evening by a rip roaring fire in an old rustic log cabin and have probably been amazed by the natural beauty that can be created with stone fireplace designs.  While there are many materials that can be used to create truly unique fireplace designs, none allow for more individual expression than those made of natural stone.  These fireplaces truly allow for your imagination to take over and usually turn out to look a little different than was first envisioned as the stones seem to come together and take on a life of their own.  Since no two stones are ever exactly alike, each fireplace constructed will just naturally be of a unique design.

There are almost an endless variety of different types of stones available for purchase and many can be from your local area.  Some people will choose to construct their fireplace from one type of stone while others will choose to mix and match the different shapes and sizes of stone to avoid the possibility of any type of uniform look.  Some of the truly great stone fireplace designs you can see are in old rustic cabins where the occupants built their own fireplaces from stone they gathered from their own property or surrounding areas.  Luckily, some of these can be seen by visiting state and national park lands that have chosen to preserve these true national treasures.  A trip to some of these little cabins in the woods would be a great place to start if you are interested in the construction of a stone fireplace in your home.

Some of the different varieties of stone you can use are flat stones which can be laid either on edge or stacked flat; round stones which are of different shapes and sizes; river rock which resemble smaller flat stones and will be a variety of different shades and colors; and large slabs of stone or boulders that can really provide a massive look in the design of a fireplace.  However, you would really only want to consider the use of the larger stones when they will be utilized in a very large room as they may tend to overwhelm the space when used in a smaller room.  When you are able to acquire some of all of these and incorporate many different types of stone in your design you really have the opportunity to express yourself and create some truly unique stone fireplace designs.

One of the most important things to consider when planning a stone fireplace is the stone mason.  The stone mason you choose will really determine how your project will turn out.  Be sure to check with the local builders in your area and ask them for a recommendation.  Also, get the stone mason on board as early as possible in the design of the project as he will be able to better guide you in the choices of stone and their placement.  If you take the time to research all the different types of stones available and are able to find the right stone mason, you will find that stone fireplace designs are quite simple to envision and your plan will result in a fireplace you can enjoy for many years to come.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Glass Fireplace Enclosure Saves Energy

One of the most widely used amenities in modern day homes is the fireplace.  While fireplaces are truly beautiful focal points for any room in your home, they are also huge energy wasters if their fireboxes are left openly exposed to the room.  Many people will simply place a decorative fireplace screen in front of the firebox and this will serve its purpose when you have a rip-roaring fire burning.  However, if the fireplace sits idle, with no fireplace enclosure utilized, it is almost like leaving a window open since most fireplace dampers are left open at all times or inadequately seal the flue when closed.  A properly designed flue is meant to draw hot gases up the chimney, but also draws warm or cool room air when the fireplace is not in use.

The best way to prevent this issue is to install a set of high quality fireplace doors.  The doors will serve as a fireplace enclosure to eliminate the constant updraft that the fireplace chimney maintains.  By blocking off this opening, the warm room air produced in the winter, and the cool room air produced in the summer by your HVAC system will stay where it is meant to be and save hundreds of dollars per year on the average energy bill.

In addition to their energy saving features, this type fireplace enclosure is available in many different styles and finishes that will complement your fireplace and hearth season after season.  These doors are a blend of beauty and style and a quality set will provide for a solid, long lasting enclosure that will easily pay for themselves in energy savings in just a few seasons.  Most are available with bi-fold doors that open and fold flat against the wall to provide a wide open view of the firebox.  Mesh screens are commonly included to prevent flying brands and embers thus providing the same protection as a free standing fireplace screen.

With all the positive features a quality glass fireplace enclosure provides, there is little reason not to utilize one.  They are available to match any decor, any budget, and save you money too.  They can be installed by any homeowner with basic tools and will provide a beautiful, safe, energy saving feature that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Gas Fireplace Can Be a Convenient Alternative

One of the most commonly sought after amenities home shoppers look for is a fireplace.  Unfortunately, many existing homes lack this feature and the addition of a fireplace in existing construction can be extremely costly and beyond the means of many homeowners.  But now, thanks to the modern gas fireplace, any homeowner can add this feature and enjoy the warmth and beauty gas fireplaces can provide.  Even if adding a vent pipe or flue is not possible in your situation, vent free gas fireplaces are manufactured that can be installed anywhere a gas supply line is available.

Should you be involved in the construction of a new home, your options for including a fireplace are many.  You can choose to add a free standing fireplace or built-in fireplace.  You can choose to construct a masonry fireplace and burn wood or install gas logs.  You can install a prefabricated fireplace with either gas logs or wood burning capabilities.  If you have an existing fireplace and are tired of the hassles of burning wood, you can easily convert this feature to a gas fireplace and eliminate that hassle.

Gas fireplaces are very fuel efficient and thanks to modern gas burners, your gas fireplace can be installed without venting to the outdoors thus eliminating heat loss all together.  These units, however, are not without their issues.  The burning of gas produces moisture, and with vented models this moisture is carried to the outdoors.  However, when using a non vented gas fireplace, you can only burn the fire for six or seven hours at the time in order to prevent mold or mildew that could form from the moisture the unit produces.  Also, if you choose a non vented model, be sure to have the unit checked yearly to insure it is operating properly and all safety features are in working order.

A gas fireplace option is being utilized by more and more homeowners as wood is becoming extremely expensive to purchase.  In past years, many people had access to and cut their own firewood.  Today, this is becoming more rare as most homes are built in subdivisions on small lots, thus making access to a free source of firewood less likely.  Even if cost is not an issue, many people tire of the cutting, hauling, and stacking of firewood and the constant cleaning of the firebox. So, installing a gas fireplace is a great option for eliminating this chore and also the mess that is created when carrying wood through your house.

While the flames from gas fireplaces do not look exactly like wood burning and you will no longer enjoy the sound of the fire crackling and the faint smell of wood smoke, a gas fireplace can be a great option for many homeowners in many situations.  Should you choose to purchase and install one of these units as a new installation or in an existing firebox, a gas fireplace can provide many years of satisfactorily operation and numerous hours of enjoyment for you, your family and your guests.

Outdoor Fireplace Design Creates the Perfect Ambiance

Outdoor fireplaces have become all the rage these days and it is no wonder this is the case.  It is most relaxing on a cool evening to gather the family on the patio around a rip-roaring fire while you sip a cup of hot chocolate.  If you are considering installing an outdoor fireplace, the thought process is much the same as the one for the construction of any fireplace, be it inside or out.  However, there are a couple of things you will need to consider in your outdoor fireplace design.  There are a few limitations when it comes to construction materials that are really quite obvious.  Since your fireplace will be exposed to the elements, any materials that cannot stand up to the outdoor elements will not be an option in the construction.  There is also no need for a damper since you are not concerned about the heating or cooling loss of an indoor fireplace.

The fire step in your outdoor fireplace design is, of course, the material you will use for construction.  Options include, but are not limited to, granite, cast iron, limestone, copper, and of course masonry.  The most common material used in fireplace design seems to be stone.  Stone certainly makes for a beautiful choice in fireplace materials and the stone will also stand the test of time and last for many years to come.  The second most popular choice appears to be brick which has many of the same advantages as stone.  However, no matter what material you use for your outdoor fireplace, as long as it fits in with your overall outdoor living space design and is a durable material, you should be satisfied for a long, long time.

Once your material choice is made, you now must consider the size of your fireplace.  There is really no rule of thumb for this process except be wise in attempting to match the size of your outdoor fireplace design with the other elements in your outdoor living area.  If the fireplace is too small it will seem to get lost in your space.  Of course, at the other end of the spectrum, if it is too large, it will tend to overwhelm your space.  Also, larger fireplaces will require more fuel to properly provide heat to the patio area.

Now that the materials and size have been determined, it is time to select your outdoor fireplace design.  There are a few great options for where to go to help you design your fireplace.  Of course, the Internet can provide a wealth of information and plans for outdoor fireplaces.  You can also seek out a competent brick and stone mason in your area that can provide you with choices in this area.  Lastly, your could consult with an architect to assist you with your design.  That last one may be effected by the size of your budget.  An architect will charge you for their services, but will also help you oversee the construction to ensure you get what you pay for.

Now that those decisions are underway, we need to consider what type of fuel you will choose to burn.  Many outdoor fireplace owners choose to burn wood for a variety of obvious reasons.  A wood burning fireplace can be loaded with lots of wood and will produce a large amount of heat.  There is also the crackling and popping of real wood in addition to the overall appearance of the fire as it burns.  After all, ambiance was one of the main reasons you chose to install an outdoor fireplace and nothing burns nicer than real wood.  However, if you have limited access to wood, or just do not want to have to deal with the cutting, splitting and stacking it involves, you could choose to install gas logs in your fireplace.  They do not heat quite as well and will not produce as realistic of a flame, but they are much more convenient then wood and definitely have a place in outdoor fireplace design.

Once your outdoor fireplace is constructed and the mortar has set up, grab the hot dogs and marshmallows and head outdoors for a relaxing evening around the fireplace.  I am sure you will find that when you have family and guests over for outdoor events, your outdoor fireplace will become the main gathering and focal point of your outdoor space.  As you see this occur, you will know that your outdoor fireplace design is a success and will provide you with many enjoyable evenings for years to come.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Fireplace Mantel Designs - A Finishing Touch

There is no doubt that a fireplace adds much to the ambiance that makes a certain room a great place to hang out.  Second only to the kitchen, the room that contains the fireplace is where all the people gravitate to whenever there is a friend or family gathering.  There are many elements that go into the overall design and features of any fireplace.  However, the final touch, and the one that really sets off the overall look of the focal point that is a fireplace, is the mantel.

Fireplace mantel designs are usually dictated by the overall style of the entire fireplace project.  If the face of the fireplace is stone, the mantel will generally take on a more rugged look.  If the face is marble or some other type of tile, the mantel will usually be a more polished, slick type finish.  One of the most versatile types of fireplace finishes when it comes to fireplace mantel design is brick.  When the fireplace is faced with brick, the mantel can be rugged or a more fine finish depending on the overall look you are trying to achieve.

Whatever your choice may be when it comes to fireplace mantel designs, keep in mind that the mantel is the finishing touch to one of the most important aspects of your overall homes decor.  The fireplace will be the point where many memories are made over the years and the location where your family is likely to spend many quiet evenings together.  With this being the case, do your best and spend a little time doing research to help ensure you make a choice of fireplace mantels that will help beautify your fireplace as well as the rest of your home.