Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Panacea Fireplace Log Tote WE-634555

Product Description

Fireplace Log Tote, Heavy Canvas Construction, Enclosed Ends Help Keep Dirt & Wood Chips Off The Floor

Product Features

  • 37"W x 25"H
  • Cloth handles
  • Black
  • Boxed
What People Are Saying About This Fireplace Log Tote

Excellent tote
This of great quality and is very usable for carring firewood in to the home. This keeps your clothes clean allows for multiple logs to be carried. 

I ordered two of these for our wood burning needs. They are well made of sturdy nylon and vinyl. The construction design works great to keep wood chips, barks, etc from making a mess while packing in the house. The tote will hold more wood than most people would want to carry. I have used the totes for a month now and have packed quite a bit of wood with them. I believe they will hold up quite well and at this point I am very satisfied with them.

Does its thing well. Makes trips to the wood pile easy. I usually can fit 5 logs per trip. Beats the trail of dirt and mess carrying the wood in one by one. Can't beat the price.
Purchased this as a gift and the recipient was quite pleased with it's sturdy construction and the fact that it kept the wood particles off the floor. she uses it daily as a woodstove is her primary heat source. 

This makes trips out to the wood stack much easier. It seems very well made, sturdy, and easy to handle. I can fit several logs at a time and the ends make it so debris does not fall out. I'm very glad to have it this year; definitely recommended.

Bought for some friends as a thank you... since the wood has to come in through the backdoor and through the kitchen into the dining room, this helps keep the wood mess to a minimum. 

After years of carrying in logs one or two at a time, I finally decided to try A LOG tote. It's simply wonderful. Two trips to the log pile and I'm done and no pieces of bark strewn in my path. Extremely sturdy and easily contains the logs. I would highly recommend this item.

Makes carrying firewood a whole lot easier. No more getting your shirts all dirty carrying firewood. Holds enough firewood for a nice evening in front of the fireplace. Totally love it! 

I just wanted something to carry the firewood in the house and this does the job, at an unmatchable price.

Got this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. It's great because now he can tote several logs of wood in and not leave a mess through the whole house. Plus it's easy to clean and heavy duty. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fireplace Hearth Designs Extend the Beauty of a Fireplace

Upon walking in to any room, people will immediately notice the fireplace.  This is just the natural focal point when installed in a room and most people will design the remainder of the room around this feature.  One of the more common features of fireplaces are the fireplace hearth designs that are usually just an extension of the same materials used to build the fireplace.  Even though this is what is normally done, it does not have to be this way.

The hearth is the surface of the fireplace on which the fire is built.  It begins at the back of the firebox and extends out into the room a distance that is commonly determined by local building code requirements.  The materials used to construct the hearth inside the firebox are what is known as fire brick.  The hearth material used outside the firebox can be any material as long as it is fireproof.  This allows the fireplace hearth designs to be of an unlimited amount of materials that are just confined to your imagination.

While using the same material on the hearth as the surround may be the usual way to go to maintain symmetry with a raised hearth, a hearth on the same level as the floor makes it easier to choose a contrasting material to the surround.  Since the floor will already provide for a difference in the two materials, people tend to be more adventurous with their hearth choices on these fireplaces.  By being flexible in selecting this material, the opportunity to create a truly unique fireplace hearth design presents itself.

You should not let your selection be influenced by the material on the fireplace surround.  There are many materials that can be mixed and matched such as tile, slate, marble, granite, and of course, brick if that is your preference.  Just be sure that the material extends far enough out into the room to meet the minimum code requirements meant to keep any combustible flooring safe from sparks or run away logs.

Once the fireplace hearth designs material has been selected, you can now plan the overall appearance of your fireplace including tool sets, fireplace doors or a screen.  After all these items have been assembled, you will start to see how the fireplace develops into that uniquely beautiful focal point that every great room deserves.