Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Glass Fireplace Enclosure Saves Energy

One of the most widely used amenities in modern day homes is the fireplace.  While fireplaces are truly beautiful focal points for any room in your home, they are also huge energy wasters if their fireboxes are left openly exposed to the room.  Many people will simply place a decorative fireplace screen in front of the firebox and this will serve its purpose when you have a rip-roaring fire burning.  However, if the fireplace sits idle, with no fireplace enclosure utilized, it is almost like leaving a window open since most fireplace dampers are left open at all times or inadequately seal the flue when closed.  A properly designed flue is meant to draw hot gases up the chimney, but also draws warm or cool room air when the fireplace is not in use.

The best way to prevent this issue is to install a set of high quality fireplace doors.  The doors will serve as a fireplace enclosure to eliminate the constant updraft that the fireplace chimney maintains.  By blocking off this opening, the warm room air produced in the winter, and the cool room air produced in the summer by your HVAC system will stay where it is meant to be and save hundreds of dollars per year on the average energy bill.

In addition to their energy saving features, this type fireplace enclosure is available in many different styles and finishes that will complement your fireplace and hearth season after season.  These doors are a blend of beauty and style and a quality set will provide for a solid, long lasting enclosure that will easily pay for themselves in energy savings in just a few seasons.  Most are available with bi-fold doors that open and fold flat against the wall to provide a wide open view of the firebox.  Mesh screens are commonly included to prevent flying brands and embers thus providing the same protection as a free standing fireplace screen.

With all the positive features a quality glass fireplace enclosure provides, there is little reason not to utilize one.  They are available to match any decor, any budget, and save you money too.  They can be installed by any homeowner with basic tools and will provide a beautiful, safe, energy saving feature that you and your family can enjoy for many years to come.