Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fireplace Design Ideas

One of the first things I notice when touring new homes is the many different fireplace design ideas that are utilized to highlight a room. There is almost no limit to what can be done with the construction of a new fireplace. Once the type of heat is decided, the fun really begins. There are two major decisions that must be made early in the process when it comes to residential fireplace designs. Where in the room the fireplace will be located and the type material that will be used in the construction.

As far as the location goes, most fireplaces end up on the center of a long wall and while this is always a good choice and adds a lot to a room, the center of a wall is hardly unique placement. More and more we are beginning to see fireplaces placed in the corner of a room. While this placement may seem to take up additional space, it does allow for several different furniture arrangements which may not be possible with the usual center wall placement. Another option is a two sided fireplace design that is built into a wall that separates two rooms. This allows for the enjoyment of the fireplace from two different rooms at the same time without having to construct two separate fireplaces. I have also seen fireplaces built at the end of a wall that partially separates two rooms. This actually allows viewing from three different sides and of course permits the fireplace to heat more efficiently. One of the most unique fireplace placement ideas I have noticed is the four sided island fireplace built in the middle of a large room that allows enjoyment of the fireplace from all four sides. While some of these are not very common placements, they definitely show the uniqueness in residential fireplace design ideas that a little imagination can provide.

Once the placement of the fireplace is decided upon, the type materials used to construct the fireplace become the focus of the project. This is where you will really make or break the project. Fireplace design materials are one of the few cosmetic features of home construction that cannot easily be changed. This is why it is extremely important to be sure of your choice of material. A couple of my favorites are the stone fireplace designs and of course the brick fireplace designs. While these are usually the most common, other materials are being utilized more and more in modern fireplace construction. The use of tile, granite, marble and other natural materials are finding their way into the residential fireplaces being built today with some stunning results.

Where ever you choose to place your fireplace or whatever material you choose to use, keep in mind that the fireplace will be the focal point of the room and you will be sure to make the best choices. By doing some thorough research and by visiting some new homes under construction to see the current architects fireplace design ideas, you will be blessed with a fireplace that will provide warmth and visual enjoyment for many years to come.

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