Friday, October 23, 2009

The Beauty of Brick Fireplace Designs

It is difficult to replace the feeling of warmth you get from a fireplace on a dark and drizzly chilly day. Along with the warmth, the scent of the burning wood adds a cozy ambiance to a home that can spark memories of Christmas past or just a shared cup of hot chocolate. The majority of these wonderful feelings are enjoyed in front of traditional fireplaces faced with brick. Brick fireplace designs have been utilized in home construction since the mid 1600s and are still a favorite even today. One reason being that even as the brick ages and takes a beating through the years, it does so without losing its original charm and actually acquires a certain character of its own.

In addition to the beauty of the brick, more practically, brick fireplaces became common over the years because of the raised hearth which allows for sitting and eating surfaces. Brick fireplace designs also take advantage of brick's natural ability to absorb the heat from the fire and radiate it out into the room. These are the reasons you almost always see people gravitate to and gather around the brick fireplace at family gatherings or other celebrations.

The great thing about utilizing brick in a residential fireplace design is that there are so many different variations in the application of the brick which allow you to get quite creative with your design. The bricks can be laid in the traditional staggered brick pattern, they can be set at an angle, turned up on their edge or any combination of patterns that you can imagine. There are numerous brick finishes and styles available to provide an ‘antiqued’ look or if you prefer a more contemporary feel to your brick fireplace, you can do that too. If you are looking for a more rustic look, reclamation yards are good places to find used handmade bricks from an earlier period in history. Some even choose to paint the brick in order to match a particular color scheme. Whatever your personal preferences may be, there is absolutely no doubt that you can get quite creative with brick fireplace designs.

Regardless of your choice in design, you can rest assured that your brick fireplace will be durable and require little attention through the years. Fireplaces constructed utilizing brick and masonry chimneys typically are very low maintenance as they only require occasional inspections and cleaning. This type construction also allows for peace of mind when you consider fire danger as brick is a natural fireproof material on its own.

In order to finalize the design of your fireplace, be sure to add a strikingly beautiful mantle to top off your design. The mantle is to a fireplace much as icing is to a cake. It adds that crowning touch that really makes the whole thing come together to make brick fireplace designs the masterpieces they are intended to be.

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