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Converting Wood Burning Fireplaces to Electric Fireplaces

Many people tire of dealing with the hassles of a wood burning fireplace such as cutting, splitting and stacking wood. Not to mention the mess or cost of wood if you have no place to cut your own and have to purchase it. I came across this article about converting to electric fireplaces that I found to be extremely interesting and thought I would share it. My thanks to the author for allowing me to republish it.

How to Convert a Wood Or Gas Fireplace to an Electric Fireplace
By Rick D Morse
Converting an existing wood or gas fireplace to a clean and energy efficient electric fireplace is simple and easy. You don't need the skills of a mason, a cabinetmaker, or an electrician to enjoy the comfort and ambiance provided by an electricity powered fireplace. These units are delivered to your door ready to be installed and enjoyed for many years to come. If you can open a box and plug in an electrical cord, you have all the skills you will need to convert a wood or gas fireplace to an electric fireplace.
Many people are afraid to try new ideas, simply because they are new. The uncertainties that come with trying to install something yourself can be intimidating. Installing an electricity powered fireplace in your apartment, condo, or home is as simple as plugging in a blender or a coffeemaker. At the same time, you will enjoy clean, inexpensive, supplemental heat for your home while enjoying all of the ambiance of a real fire.
Eliminate the Mess and Worry of a Wood Fireplace
Certainly, wood fireplaces have their appeal. The smell of a wood fire, the crackling burn of logs on a grate, and the sight of smoke rising from the chimney are all big attractions. At the same time, your wood fireplace can be pretty demanding. Cords of wood must be purchased, stored, and brought into the home. Very often, this means spiders, earwigs, and termites are also brought into your home. If the wood gets wet, you must go without a fire until it dries.
Once you have enjoyed your fire, the ashes must be collected and disposed of without causing a fire risk to your home or the neighborhood. Also, in this day of environmental awareness and responsibility, the smoke and other emissions must be considered. Creosote, which can build up in your chimney, must be removed by a professional to avoid the risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. Once the winter has passed, your wood fireplace will go unused for most of the year.
Gas Fireplaces are Not without Risks
Gas fireplaces provide a greater measure of convenience than wood fireplaces, but they also carry their own risks. Gas fireplace pilot lights must be maintained and there are always concerns about gas leaks and venting problems. These maintenance requirements demand the use of a skilled professional to ensure your safety, adding extra cost to your gas fireplace.
Gas fireplaces generally cost 17 to 24 cents per hour to operate, whereas electric fireplaces provide realistic looking flames for about 3 cents per hour and flames with heat for around 8 to 12 cents an hour. Over time, one of these fireplaces can pay for itself while providing you with years of realistic looking flames, convenience, and comfortable heat.
These Inserts are Easy to Install
Electric fireplace inserts are easily installed in existing wood or gas fireplaces without any sort of renovation. You do not need a contractor or any other assistance. When your electric unit arrives, you simply open the box, place it in your existing fireplace opening, and plug it in. It has no maintenance requirements and you have the added convenience of being able to start your fireplace from the comfort of your easy chair with a remote.
The flame technology used in these fireplaces provides you with all of the ambiance of a real fire without any of the mess, inconvenience, or risks. Your electricity powered fireplace can provide supplemental heat for up to 400 square feet with 4700 BTUs per hour, allowing you to lower your thermostat and your heating bill. Electric fireplace logs and ember beds provide an attractive ambiance and you can operate your electric unit with or without heat.
The Flexibility of Fire with or without Heat
Unlike wood and gas fireplaces, you can enjoy sitting in front of your electric fireplace logs at any time of the year. These fireplaces allow you to operate the flame and heat independently of each other for year round enjoyment. You can use the flame alone if you want the ambiance of a fire without the heat, even in the middle of summer. Obviously, this is not possible with wood or gas.
Fireplaces serve as a wonderful gathering place, providing warmth and other comforts to family, friends, and visitors. Your realistic looking electric fireplace logs and ember bed will provide you with everything good about a fireplace without any of the negatives. Your fireplace can be installed in a matter of minutes and turned on with the push of a button. You get the best of both worlds with an electric fireplace and a lower cost. Once you discover the ease, convenience, and ambiance that this type of fireplace provides, you may very well decide to invest in a freestanding fireplace for some other part of your home. Furniture quality Amish fireplaces, modern corner units, and every style in between are available for your comfort and enjoyment.

Rick Morse is the CEO for Electric Fireplaces Direct. They provide quality, energy efficient electric fireplace units with realistic looking electric fireplace logs.

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Many people are tired of the work and headaches that go into owning a wood burning fireplace and thanks to the article you have posted it provides great insightful information on the positives and negatives of converting to an electric fireplace. Great job!

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I didn't know that people still had wood burning fireplaces until I went to my in-law's cabin. I can see that it would be tiresome to have to keep wood stocked! It's also nice that you can convert a wood or gas fireplace into an electric one, if you so desire. From your article, it sounds like it wouldn't be too hard either!

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I came across this article about converting to electric fireplaces that I found to be extremely interesting and thought I would share it. My thanks to ...